The Azalea came originally from China, Formosa and Japan where it was thought to bring luck because of its beautiful and long-lasting flowers. For you also the Azalea can signify luck for the reason of its radiating beauty and colourful feel it can create for many weeks in your environment. The original azalea grows on small hills, under trees in the half shade, and on porous soil. It is very important to use that information while caring for your azalea so you can enjoy the flowering:

  • Put the azalea in a place at a temperature between 15 and 22 C.
  • Azalea’s require a lot of light, but avoid direct sunlight. Also avoid a place too close to a heating system as the flowers may fade.
  • The soil must always stay damp, but never soaked. Therefore immerge it with the pot in water for about 10 minutes. Be sure to let it drain very well afterwards. This will keep your plant in bloom. Repeat as necessary.
  • Never ad feed during the flowering. Feed makes the flowers fade.

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