One of our most important aims is environmentally-friendly cultivation. For this reason, we has decided to take part in the VMS (Vlaams Milieuplan Sierteelt or Flemish Environmental Plan for Ornamental Plant Cultivation). The VMS works together with the Dutch MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt or Environmental Plant Propagation Programme). We have been awarded the environmental qualification certificate MPS-A.

1. What is VMS/MPS

VMS/MPS is an international, accredited environmental standard, based on registration of a number of environmental data. The aim of VMS/MPS is to keep the environmental burden on our society under control and to encourage companies to adopt environmentally-friendly methods and materials when cultivating plants.

2. Qualification

The VMS/MPS standard is based on registration of the following:

  • Use of plant protection products
  • Use of fertilisers
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste processing
The registered data is submitted to the inspection body on a regular basis. Figures are compared with the standards, resulting in qualification.

3. Advantages

  • Support for social and environmental awareness within the company
  • Wider distribution possibilities as a result of the rising demand for environmentally- friendly products (from consumers, growers and retailers alike)
  • Effective registration system (for example, data can be used to calculate cost price)

4. Guarantee

Products grown by members of VMS can be recognised by the MPS label. This label indicates that the environmental standards imposed have been respected during cultivation. The guarantee means that inspections have been made by SGS AgroControle, an independent and internationally recognised inspection body. The number on the label indicates the origin of the product.

5. Qualification

Based on registered data, companies are divided into environmental qualifications A, B and C. Companies such as ours (with environmental qualification MPS-A) are the most environmentally-aware plant cultivators.